Team Rentals

Rent the facility for you own use today! Rent it out for your baseball or softball team, for the turf field, or even for a party area. For details on the facility click here

To rent out the facilities or with any questions email Amanda at

Pricing Options: 

$50 an hour , for 2 hours- the facility with another team for two hours. For one hour you will have access to at least 2 batting cages and balls while the other team will have access to the open turf area and pitching mound. After an hour the two teams will switch so each team can hit, pitch, and field. 

$100 an hour – Rent out the entire facility for your own use. It will close for all other teams, instructors, and members. You will have facility to do with as you please. Throw a birthday party, host a function, or anything else you can think of. Contact us for help hosting parties or functions.