Diamond Dynamics
Baseball and Softball Skill Development
Bloomington, Indiana

Dynamics: dy-nam-ics (noun): Motivation or driving forces; growth, change and development


Diamond Dynamics offers the following:

  • Batting cages- 5 Indoor/ 4 outdoor
  • Pitching areas with mounds
  • Throwing/fielding area
  • Outdoor infield
  • Individual/Small Group/Personal instruction
  • Professional Instruction
  • Our Instructors will conduct a practice for your Team
  • Workout plans for individual skills
  • Practice plans for coaches
  • Camps/clinics for players and coaches
  • Massage Therapy & Stretching
  • Become a Diamond Dynamics Baseball or Softball Team
  • All of the above will be offered indoors during the colder months and outdoors during the warmer months. The infield is only outdoors.

Diamond Dynamics will be a team and instructional based facility. All players on diamond dynamic teams can use the facility as much or as little as they want. Practice with your team, come in on our own, or work with one of our instructors. Anybody not on a diamond dynamics team can still come in and work with one of our instructors, or buy an access pass that gives you the same benefits as a team member. 

After open hours, Diamond Dynamics offers our facility to local teams to rent. To schedule a team practice or rent a batting cage, pitching area, or fielding use, please call (812) 606-8014