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Diamond Dynamics Teams

For the 2016 Season our diamond Dynamics teams and sponsored teams. If interested in a team or try out please contact coaches directly.


8U Diamond Dynamics  Coach Leslie Brinson  812-272-4569

12U Diamond Dynamics  Coach Shannon Reed 812-320-7313



Diamond Dynamics 8U   Coach Mike Freel 812-345-4710

Bloomington Blue Jays 10U  Coach Tyler Thompson 812-340-0399

Diamond Dynamics 12U  Coach Mike Brinson 812-360-6223

Indiana Inferno 12U  Coach TJ Glasco 812-583-3596

Bloomington Baseball 12U  Coach Bill Wright 812-322-4116

Diamond Dynamics 14U  Coach Tony Kestranek 812-322-5953

Smithville Skibos 14U Coach Ben Harrison 812-929-6436

Bloomington Aces 15U Coach Scott Orbaugh 812-327-1355

Indiana Chiefs 15U Coach 812-331-0001

Diamond Dynamics 16U  Coach 812-5595